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About Us

We bring technology to Private Duty and Home Health agencies.

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August Systems, Inc. has its base of operation in Spokane, WA. Our newest product, CareWhen, is a leading cloud based home care scheduling, EVV, and billing solution that satisfies a wide range of Home Care, Home Health, and Medicaid waiver agencies needs.

We sell our products through our own sales force, as well as through our Sales Agent network. All training and support, however, is handled by our staff.

Our support services include system configuration, customer training, and on-going customer support and updates.

About Our Products


We designed CareWhen from the ground up, to make it accessible with web browsers and mobile devices. But we founded the design on everything we have learned from our home care clients and prospective clients over the past 20 years.

  • Good agency practices must be built into the system.
  • When routine tasks are automated, exceptions can get the attention they deserve.
  • Any homecare agency manager would rather be in the field than in the office.
  • To go from good to great, software must be backed by support.
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The Visit Wizard system has been developed solely by us, with valuable input from our customers and our own agency. The software has proved to be remarkably flexible and robust over the years, migrating from the desktop to the internet.

The target automation has also evolved from the agency's back office, to its field employees, and now to its customers. The continuing innovation has made Visit Wizard customers increasingly competitive and efficient.

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